Cows stuck on wee plateau after New Zealand earthquakes need a hero

There’s plenty of gloom in the wake of New Zealand’s massive earthquakes on Monday and it hasn’t just affected the human residents of the South Island.


These cows are were seen stranded following landslides that happened north of the town of Kaikoura, according to Newshub, and it’s a mini miracle they came out unscathed.



The news outlet captured footage of what appears to be two cows and a calf stuck on a small island of grass. Poor things. Somebody please rescue them.

“That is amazing,” one of the helicopter’s passengers could be heard saying. And it sure is.


How are they going to get off the island, though? Surely their generous Kiwi human neighbours will find a way to pluck ’em to safety? They have the technology.


Somebody send help! They can’t mooove.

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