Chrome extension replaces pictures of Donald Trump with burgers

In these times of high emotion and political uncertainty, maybe we need to focusing on the things we all love. Like burgers.


Thankfully, there’s a new Chrome extension called “Make Trump Burger Again” that replaces pictures of U.S. president-elect Donald Trump with burgers. Call it comfort food.


Behind it all is Australian burger restaurant Mr. Burger. You can download the extension here if you fancy seeing delicious food instead of Trump’s face.


“We like to brighten people’s days, and after Trump’s win we thought we’d create something small to make the internet fun again”, co-founder Daragh Kan said in a statement.


It’ll probably move a few burgers too, let’s face it.


Be warned: The extension isn’t perfect. It seems to work only on images that have the word “Trump,” or something close to it, in the image’s alternative text.

Go on. Make Trump burger again.

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