Getting paid $500 to review some fried chicken is a pretty tasty offer

There’s little wonder fried chicken is such a popular last meal request for condemned prisoners. It’s just so damn delicious.


So imagine getting paid A$500 (US$368) plus expenses to review 10 fried chicken restaurants. An actual listing for such a proposal exists, on newfangled odd jobs website Airtasker.


You get to keep your life and the money. Where do we sign?!


Applicants will need to say why they’re the best person for the job, as opposed to offering the lowest price to do the job, which is the norm on Airtasker.


The catch is that all the restaurants are in Sydney, Australia, therefore you’ll need to be town to review them all. There are only nine venues listed too, leaving a “wild card” option for the lucky winner to add. Don’t say KFC.


The listing was created by Tim Fung, the founder and CEO of Airtasker. So yes, it’s all about publicity.


But despite that, there’s already plenty of interest from fried chicken experts, willing to get this vitally important work done.


What we’re saying is, you’ve got competition.




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